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Along with the Group Hypno branded app, Kokoro Hypnotherapy offers a powerful partner app in collaboration with Grace Space Hypnotherapy, providing a unique opportunity to embark on a transformative journey no matter where you are. We empower you to explore self-guided self-hypnosis, granting you the ability to create your own transformative experiences at your convenience, anytime and anywhere.

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The Kokoro Hypnotherapy App can support you to create FLOW in your life and initiate positive transformations. Inside our branded app, you can access Free Recorded classes, Register for Free LIVE Classes, and Join the Conversation in our Community. 

Free Recorded Hypnotherapy

Whenever you need it, our app is here to help you shift out of “fight or flight” and get to your safe, calm place of transformation. Whether it’s a quick break during a busy day or a peaceful moment before bed, you can access the app’s benefits whenever it suits you.

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Register for the Free Monthly  Class and get notifications of new content as it becomes available. 

Coming soon is “The Hero’s Journey” podcast, where we discover Heroic Stories of Ordinary people. 

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The ‘Kor’ or our program is the customized LIVE Guided Meditations  where you focus on your individual intention while in the safety and strength of others facing their own journey of transformation.                    All registration links live inside our app. 

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Ask questions and connect with others just like you who are on a journey of creating the life they desire. Share your learning journey in our community in Group Book Discussions, and connect with our community of Transformational Creators. 

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Recorded hypnotherapy sessions are your gateway to a transformative journey that’s both convenient and effective on a wide variety of needs. Here are the results other users have experienced after seven (7) days of regular practice:

  • 45% Decreased Stress
  • 51% Reduced Procrastination
  • 58% Less Depressed Feelings
  • 32% More Happiness

These remarkable results are a testament to the power of recorded hypnotherapy. Additionally, recorded hypnotherapy becomes even more of an advantage with integrating with LIVE Group or one-on-one private sessions. The more you practice, the deeper you go, and the longer-lasting the effects become. It’s a proven path to enhance your effectiveness and achieve lasting positive change.

Why Consider Recorded Hypnotherapy?

Recorded hypnotherapy is a versatile and empowering resource that holds the potential to transform your personal development journey. In a world where the demands of daily life often leave us yearning for effective and convenient solutions, hypnotherapy steps in as a powerful ally. This approach brings forth a range of advantages designed to enhance your well-being and personal growth in a way that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle.

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Listening repetitively to recorded sessions can be a powerful reinforcement to the positive changes made during LIVE hypnotherapy sessions, or when listening independently. This is because repetition is one of the ways we are able to establish new habits and thought patterns.

Self Guided


Grace Smith coined the phrase that "Hypnosis is meditation with a goal." Any time you allow yourself to relax with a specific intention, you are creating a state of "self-hypnosis". Recorded hypnotherapy can support you to effortlessly enter a hypnotic state and independently work on your specific goal.

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In moments of unpredictable stress, self-hypnosis puts you in the drivers seat to lower your cortisone levels and shift out of a state of fear. Recorded Hypnotherapy supplies the immediate need of a calm, safe place, especially in moments of crisis.

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It has been said that "The truest test of a person's character is what they do when no one is watching." Having recorded sessions at your fingertips will give you support as often as you desire transformation. As you grow in the consistent habit of meditation, you will make progress to conquer your past and create the life you desire!

Take Your Next Step Today

Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy for yourself? You can start your journey to personal transformation today by either downloading our FREE GroupHypno App or booking a Free Consultation. Your transformation is within reach, whether your goal is letting go of past trauma, letting of uncomfortable emotions that are blocking you from living the free life you desire, or creating a future you will love. We look forward to supporting you to reach your full potential to shift more and more every day from “Darkness to Light”. 

Is Recorded Hypnotherapy Right for You?

Recorded hypnotherapy is suitable for a diverse range of individuals seeking personal improvement and positive change. 

It can be particularly advantageous for:


Self-Paced Learners

Individuals who prefer to guide their personal development journey independently and progress at their chosen speed.


On-the-Go Individuals

Busy professionals, frequent travelers, or those with hectic schedules seeking adaptable access to therapeutic tools.


Supplementary Reinforcement

Individuals who've engaged in live hypnotherapy sessions seek to strengthen the positive outcomes of their therapy.


Stress and Anxiety Management

Those on a quest for effective methods to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and improve overall well-being.


Self-Reflective Explorers

Individuals who want to embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and self-improvement in their lives.


Targeted Solutions

People who are in search of customized approaches to address specific challenges and issues they face in their daily lives.

What Is Recorded Hypnotherapy

Recorded hypnotherapy refers to the practice of delivering hypnotherapy sessions in a pre-recorded form of audio or video recordings. The recorded hypnotherapy in our Group Hypno app, as well as the Grace Space app, offers you recorded sessions on a wide variety of specific needs. As you explore recorded sessions in the Group Hypno app, you will be able to see for yourself Group Hypno sessions, as well as actual examples of One-on-one sessions.

As you focus on your specific desired intention, over time you will be able to remove old limiting beliefs, and replace them with new powerful, positive thoughts through recorded Hypnotherapy. You are the magic. It is your desire that creates your transformation. We’re here to support you in what ever path is right for you.

Inspiring Stories from Our Clients


Our recorded hypnotherapy sessions are your gateway to a transformative journey that’s both convenient and effective. Experience the incredible benefits that users have reported after just seven (7) days of regular practice:

The evidence is mounting by the day. There is more scientific content available, and it would be overwhelming if we shared it all. Here are just a few of our favorites.


How Will You Shape Your Tomorrow?

The power for change resides within you. The insights gained and the transformations initiated are the stepping stones to a brighter future. Take a moment to reflect on the possibilities ahead. Every choice you make, and every step you take contributes to your future. We invite you to carry this question with you, for it is the key to unlocking the incredible potential that lies within. Your journey toward a better tomorrow is yours to shape, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.