The Kor of Kokoro

Kokoro is a Japanese word that encompasses the combined meaning of heart, body, mind, and soul. At the heart of Kokoro Hypnotherapy, our ‘Kor’ purpose is to walk beside you as you create the life that will bring you joy. With our Kor values of intuition, vulnerability, and curiosity, your transformation takes center stage.

Guided by the principles of transformation, illumination, and inspiration, we offer more than just LIVE classes – we offer a path to self-discovery and personal transformation.

Meet Our Lead Hypnotherapist

Pennie Wilson

I am Pennie Wilson, a certified hypnotherapist, the author of From Darkness to Light, and the co-founder of Kokoro Hypnotherapy.

Fifteen years ago, when my five kids were young, I had a huge desire to make a difference in the world! I felt deep inside me I was born to become more than what I saw in myself then. And yet, I felt so much confusion and doubt. My desire to help others comes from the deep pain I felt then.

It was in my garden that I learned to ask questions, listen to intuition, and get the guidance I needed to live my purpose and satisfy my longing to make a difference in the world. Now I can say that I know deep in my bones that the opposite of a victim is a creator.

We are creating a system of transformation that will allow you to join us in sharing your light as we make a positive impact in the world together!

Our Story

Our journey began with a passion for guiding individuals to uncover the core of their health challenges through the holistic approach of biohacking in a total body fitness studio. The more we worked with people, the more we realized MINDSET is everything! The subconscious is exactly what is holding them back from having the body, finances, or lifestyle they want.

Today, our focus has gone even deeper to the core to expose the root challenges in the subconscious mind. We are dedicated to partnering with creators who dedicate themselves to nurturing others and, unfortunately, sometimes overlook their own well-being in the process. We’re here to empower and support these remarkable souls, helping them rewrite their internal narratives as they create the life they desire.

How We Work

We are committed to guiding you on a transformative journey using our Kokoro 4R’s Pattern and The Grace Method. Our mission is to help you discover the incredible potential that resides within you by nurturing a deep connection with your Inner Voice through our gentle and effective method of transformation.


Guiding Your Flow

We specialize in transitioning you from "fight-or-flight" mode, to a state of flow to lead you into the theta brain state for accelerated learning, problem-solving, and creative flow.


Empowerment Through Meditation

Discover patterns of meditation that empower independent inspiration through your Inner Voice. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with our supportive guidance.


A Supportive Community

Kokoro Hypnotherapy is a nurturing community where vulnerability is our superpower. Weekly we share our victories, our growth challenges, and our one next step as we persevere towards continuous improvement together.


Cultivating Being and Transformation

Our mission extends beyond surface-level transformation. We help you rediscover child-like creation, cultivate new thought patterns, and embrace resilience and creativity through our methods.


Inspiring Greatness

It is our intention to inspire you to become your best self by exploring subconscious fears, unearthing hidden motivations, and support you as you aligned your subconscious beliefs with your deep longings of the life you desire to create.


Empowerment and Contribution

Our commitment to your growth doesn't end with personal transformation—it's about creating a ripple-effect of empowerment that ripples through the families of our community and beyond, to create a generational legacy as you work to lift others and make a difference with your life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support our community to transform your inner world, to let go of the struggle and shift into a way of being to experience FLOW. We are gathering a community of creators who change themselves and lift others. Instead of the fire hose approach of full-time weekend classes, we create sustaining support through encouraging the daily habit of meditation, weekly connection in our POP Community Support Group, and Done-With-You LIVE Guided Meditation classes to meet you where you are, and walk beside you in moving one step forward every day as we all learn, apply, and share in living our unique purpose.

Our Purpose & Our Mission

We support our clients to unlock their inner potential, build their personal identity, and guide them to find clarity and direction on their life's path. Our purpose is to help you discover the incredible potential that resides within you by nurturing a deep connection with your Inner Guidance System through our gentle and effective method of transformation.

As you gain the gradual victory of your transformation, we will be able to accomplish our mission to make hypnotherapy affordable for so many families who are suffering needlessly.

Your Next Chapter Awaits. Book an Appointment Now!

As you embark on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation, we invite you to take the first step towards a life filled with empowerment, fulfillment, and joy. Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you as you navigate the path of change, helping you release old patterns and embrace new ones that pave the way for a more vibrant and purposeful living. Together, let’s unlock the doors to your inner potential and create a future that resonates with the very essence of who you are.

Our 'Kor' Values

These values serve as the foundation upon which we build our organization, make decisions, and interact with our community. They reflect our commitment to integrity, innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in all that we do. With these principles in mind, here are the values that guide us toward achieving our vision and purpose.

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Intuition is our compass in moments of uncertainty. Divine alignment guiding us through patterns of collective wisdom, allowing us make vertically aligned decisions, and bravely seize new opportunities.

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Vulnerability is our strength unveiled. Our values foster a safe environment of trust, empathy, and growth by acknowledging imperfections, building authentic connections, and as we each courageously face the gift our own transformation.

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Curiosity drives our innovation and passion for learning. It fuels exploration, synergistic problem-solving, and empowers us to create a culture of fresh ideas and constant improvement. We are open to our community's contributing ideas.

Heart of Kokoro Hypnotherapy

At the heart of Kokoro Hypnotherapy, our purpose pulsates with a dedication to living a life that brings you joy. We are more than a support system; we are a sanctuary where your transformation takes center stage. Guided by the principles of intuition, vulnerability, and curiosity, we offer more than just LIVE classes– we offer a path to inner self-discovery and personal growth.

Inspiring Stories from Our Clients

Our recorded hypnotherapy sessions are your gateway to a transformative journey that’s both convenient and effective. Experience the incredible benefits that users have reported after just seven (7) days of regular practice:


The evidence is mounting by the day. There is more scientific content available, and it would be overwhelming if we shared it all. Here are just a few of our favorites.


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