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This is Designed To Empower Emotionally Sensitive Souls to Develop Unshakable Inner-Confidence, To Trust Themselves, and Live in Divine Alignment.


Welcome to Kokoro Hypnotherapy


Kokoro Hypnotherapy is on a mission to support families to let go of heavy emotions by rewriting the stories of their past through affordable online LIVE Group hypnotherapy. We help those who are stuck in the past to let go of heavy emotion so they can live fully and love freely with connection and passion to live their purpose!


Our vision is to inspire generational transformation for families all over the world so they can create the life they desire and not the one they fear through deep lasting PHOENIX transformation, Heart Body Mind and Soul- which is the Japanese meaning of Kokoro.


Our purpose is to empower Emotionally Sensitive Souls to cultivate healthy boundaries, so they can embrace their emotionally intuitive nature to support others and follow their divinely inspired Path of Purpose without sacrificing their own well-being.

3-Stage Phoenix Transformation

Our program empowers you on the journey from Victim to Creator by guiding you through 3 Stages of Deep Lasting Transformation:

Our Approach

The Kokoro 4Rs Pattern

Unlike other transformation programs, our approach focuses on igniting the power of the subconscious mind to create the life you desire through creating intentional words, images, and emotions. The 4 Rs process allows us to acknowledge the painful realities of the past and let them go, as we then channel our renewed energy into envisioning new possibilities for the future.

As we use the Kokoro 4 R’s Pattern, we guide you on a journey that helps you recognize and remove beliefs that are not serving your greatest and highest good, then connect to the inner parts of yourself that allows you to reimagine the future you desire! 



Have you ever been bothered by an emotion but couldn't recognize exactly what it was? Often, we feel emotions or even physical pain in our bodies, but too often, we don't stop to learn from our experiences. The first of the 4 Rs helps you identify your emotions and their source. This inner conversation guides you to discover: Why are you feeling this way? Where is it coming from? And allow you to discover what you truly need. By bringing your feelings into the light, you open the door to deep understanding and growth.



What do you want instead of the emotion that is weighing you down? This phase of the session capitalizes on the map learned in the 5-Day Challenge. Here, we often use repetition of the core beliefs you genuinely need and desire. In the meditative subconscious state, your mind is more able to absorb the truths you want to believe. You can feel these thoughts in your heart as you plant them in your mind. As you repetitively feel them in your heart, they sink deeper into your muscles, where they become not just what you do but who you are.



What fears or doubts have you been carrying? How do you let go of what is holding you back? Many of us want to move on from the past, but how? After we guide you to recognize the root causes through hypnotherapy, removing old emotions becomes the next natural step of the emotional wave. This is effectively done by creating imagery that translates to the subconscious mind as powerful and potent.



Can you imagine in detail the life you desire to create? How does it feel? How does it look? As you are guided in this mental practice, you are able to experience in your imagination what can later be more easily created in your reality because the subconscious doesn't know the difference between an imagined experience and a real one. With hypnotherapy, you can truly create the life you desire through the mental focus of creating thoughts, images, and emotions that will transform your world.

What Is Hypnotherapy and
How Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that taps into the subconscious mind to help you create the life you truly desire. Through the process of hypnotherapy, a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus, the client can identify and transform the root causes of their challenges. The subconscious creates your reality with the invisible maps of what we believe, the emotions that get trapped in our bodies, and the default wiring inside the patterns that influence thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

The relaxed state of flow experienced during hypnotherapy allows the client to remain in complete control while quieting the chatter of the conscious mind. The client is then guided to have a conversation that allows them to discover answers inside themselves.

At Kokoro Hypnotherapy, we understand that the mind holds the key to unlocking your true potential. Our approach is centered around supporting you to create the life you desire through the 4 R’s pattern.  

Watch the Phoenix Webinar

Watch the Free Phoenix Webinar To:

  • Uncover the Root Cause 
  • Discover How to Remove The Heavy Emotions
  • Open Your Awareness of Beliefs that are Hurting You
  • So You Can Feel The FLOW To Live Your Purpose!

Our 'Kor' Guiding Community Values

As you will discover in the 5-Day Challenge, the gateway to our community, we strive to live what we teach by changing ourselves and lifting others because we believe that is how we can change the world.

Our three “Kor” Guiding Values are: Curiosity, Vulnerability, and Intuition. 

We apply these values in word and action (getting better every day) as follows: 

  • Universal Spiritual LanguageWith the intention to guide you to receive answers from inside you, our Vision is to UNITE those that believe in a Higher Power by the use of Universal metaphorical language (like “Darkness and Light”) to allow you to put the context of your personal beliefs into each session.
  • Equality: As we create a community of safety, we strive to remove the need for intellectual superiority through the mindset of equality. We believe that no matter where you are on your journey (See the 3 Phases in the Phoenix Webinar) each of us has something we can contribute AND something we can learn from each other. 

Our Emotionally Safe Environment: We create safe environments of learning for all to question, discuss, and share without criticism or belittlement. Those who are openly cynical, bully, or verbally abusive will be invited to leave.

Our Clients’ Transformation Stories

Our success is measured by the transformative experiences our clients have achieved. Their stories reflect the power of hypnotherapy in rewiring mindsets and fostering positive change. We’re proud to share the inspiring journeys of those who have embraced their potential and rewritten their narratives. These testimonials stand as a testament to the profound impact that our approach can have on lives.