Transformational Testimonials

From Stuck to Empowered

"I used to be stuck in a place where most people would never want to go and I allowed it to define who I was. This process has opened up my eyes to set boundaries in my relationships. I am ready to step into my personal power!"
– G. B.

Deeper Than Words

"Group Hypno has been surprisingly helpful to me. Some of what I feel I need to process is so deep that I don’t have words to talk about it directly with anyone. Group Hypno removes some of the roadblocks for me."
– P. V.

Crisis to Calm

"I was skeptical at first but almost immediately I felt peace and calm from within. I felt like I could think clearer and I could TRUST my gut over my anxiety. The process guided me to discover the solutions that I needed inside myself and I gained a sense of internal empowerment."
– R. T.

Feeling the FLOW

"I loved that you used universal language to include people of any faith. I also loved the light healing visualizations! I also was able to achieve my desired intention to have more confidence in my musical performance going from a 4 to an 8 on a scale of 1-10, which is super awesome."
– A. D.

Letting Go of Abandonment

"There was one session specifically that helped me recognize the loss I felt of what might have been from being adopted at birth. During the Group session, I was able to grieve that fear and let go of the feeling of abandonment that I have struggled with my whole life."
– A. D.